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Oct 16, 2020 · One of the major events leading up to the American Revolution was the Boston Massacre. Five colonists were killed in the skirmish. Five colonists were killed in the skirmish. John Adams , who would go on to become the 2nd President of the United States, was a lawyer in Boston at the time. The costs of the war and maintaining an army will lead the British government to impose new taxes on its colonists, with world-shaking results. Visit The Park: Fort Necessity National Battlefield Nov 20, 2020 · It’s April 18, 1775, in Boston, Massachusetts. The eve of the American Revolution, although you don’t know it yet. It’s been five years since you arrived with your family to the North American colonies, and while life has been tough, especially during the first years when you worked as an indentured servant to pay for

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The American Revolution was a struggle between 13 American colonies and Great Britain. The American colonies wished to attain independence and create a new sovereign nation – the United States. The American Revolutionary War lasted for eight years – between April 1775 to September 1783. The American colonists supporting independence were named Patriots. The American […]

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American Revolution Timeline - Online Game. Description: This fun and challenging game requires students to correctly order revolutionary war events along the timeline. Easy and Hard levels are available. Very fun, but very challenging. Take your students on a journey through time with our history worksheets! Whether your next unit explores ancient civilizations like the Vikings and ancient Egypt, the American Revolution, the civil rights movement, or anything in between, our collection of history worksheets has the activity for you.

The Stamp Act and the Townshend Act drew the growing radical element's ire in particular and led to the emergence of a Sons of Liberty group. Pressure was exerted on colonial officials in the colony, which forced them to abandon efforts to implement the Stamp Act; only the royal governor held firm and attempted to enforce the law. The American Revolutionary War is also known as the American War of Independence. There were several causes that led to this war. The prime cause was the growing demand of freedom among the Americans. They did not want Great Britain, which was an ocean away from their land, to govern their lives.

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