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parabola is, we are comparing the parabola to the parent quadratic function of . y = x², which has a standard width of a=1. The smaller the absolute value of a, the . wider the parabola will be. Use your calculator to graph the parent function, y = x². Then, graph the following four quadratic equations on your calculator and compare their Algebra 1 Algebra 1 is a beginning level math course for high school freshman. The focus of Algebra 1 is on linear functions. Students will learn to use functions to represent, model, analyze, and interpret relationships in problem situations.

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In the Desmos activity, the task was to enter an equation of a parabola that would go through a set of three points. If you'd like to try the activity yourself before reading on, you can do so here. In the first few cases, one of the points was the vertex, and in most of the others two of the points had the same y -coordinate.

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First and second differences in a data table tell us if the relation is linear or quadratic or neither. Practice: Explore the free online graphing calculator available at . Try to create a quadratic function such as y = ax^2 +bx + c, where you change the values a, b, and c.

On, edit images, videos and 360 photos in one place. Explore content created by others. You use the distributive property (FOIL) when you have to multiply two binomials like (x+2) and (x+5) above. The answer we got was a quadratic since it has an x-squared term. Factoring is going the other way around. With factoring, you start with the quadratic and go backwards to try and figure out what must be in the two parentheses. Quadratic Functions and Complex Numbers This unit has two embedded assessments, following Activities 3.4 and 3.6. By completing these embedded assessments, you will demonstrate your understanding of solutions to quadratic equations, the graphs of quadratic equations and inequalities, and the system of complex numbers. Embedded Assessment 1

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